Who We Are

Rihan Saad Foundation stands as a distinguished institution specializing in environmental services within the Eastern Province, with its central operations based in Dammam. Focused on delivering comprehensive solutions, our foundation excels in the transportation of industrial solid wastes, hazardous liquids, and non-hazardous liquids.

Since our establishment in 2010, we have been steadfastly cultivating our competitive edge through strategic market expansion. The foundation takes immense pride in the positive reputation earned from our valued customers. Serving them with dedication, we celebrate being an integral part of their success stories.

Our commitment to customers deepens daily in response to ongoing environmental challenges. Leveraging our capabilities, we strive to realize their aspirations, fulfill their needs, and offer a diverse array of services. Rihan Saad Foundation is dedicated to providing multiple service options to meet the evolving demands of our valued clientele.

The organization takes immense pride in its collaborations with esteemed companies and institutions across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through unwavering dedication, we diligently strive to meet the needs of our valued customers, add significant value to their operations, and achieve utmost satisfaction.

With a forward-looking perspective, Rihan Saad Foundation aspires to play a pivotal role in the ongoing development initiatives shaping our nation across diverse fields. Aligned with the Kingdom’s visionary 2030 agenda, our foundation actively places environmental concerns at the forefront. This commitment is geared towards contributing to the creation of a vibrant society, fostering a sustainable and habitable environment, and promoting a life of well-being for all.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer in maintaining an advanced and sustainable environmental development.

Our Mission

Providing integrated environmental services and solutions with high quality, efficiency and competitive prices.

Our values

We believe, in the Rayhan Saad Foundation, in a set of values that are considered. a source of inspiration for us, and to achieve excellence in our field. of work, namely:


We strive to achieve pioneering in all aspects of our business, and to em- body a role model in the market


We are committed to building solid relationships with our customers, partners and community based on credibility, respect, and honesty


We are committed to the continuous excellence in all our services, and to serve our customers through renewal and innovation.


We adhere to our responsibility towards our customers in achieving the highest levels of quality that meet all their needs

Our Team

The organization has a team of distinguished technical personnel who work perfectly.

harmony and deliver high performance, providing our customers with the best services.

and maintaining a high level of accuracy and efficiency. The organization has confidence in

the capabilities of its employees, as we believe that our success is based on satisfaction.

of our customers, and the continuous provision of the best services to them.

our team