What We Offer

Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

Industrial waste

The organization provides safe solutions for companies and institutions to collect.

and transport all types of solid, liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous industrial.

wastes, and offers secured disposal of such wastes according to the local and international.


The organization has obtained an environmental license No. 221400 from the General

Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection to transport solid and

liquid industrial wastes.

Removing used oils

Our professional service specializes in the safe and environmentally friendly removal of used oils. Whether it’s from your kitchen, industrial machinery, or any other source, we handle the proper disposal of used oils with utmost care. Our team employs state-of-the-art methods to collect and dispose of used oils, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Removing used oils

Sewage transportation

At Rihan Saad Foundation, we recognize the critical importance of responsible sewage transportation for the well-being of communities and the environment. Our specialized services cater to companies, institutions, and individuals, providing safe and efficient solutions for the transportation of sewage and commercial debris.under a license from the Transport Authority No. (00000866/11).

Beach cleaning

Cleaning beaches, gardens, and parks, and ridding them of all sorts of environmental.

Waste has become a real environmental challenge nowadays. That is why our company.

has taken the initiative, providing a wide array of services to clean beaches, gardens,

parks, and city entrances, utilizing the use of the most advanced tools available. By

providing such services, we wish to contribute to the overall welfare of society.

through the delivery of high-quality cleaning services, aimed to rid the environment of

all sorts of wastes and pollution along with eliminating residues and magnetic materials

of various kinds. Our cleaning services include:

  • Removal of the peri chromosomal layer.
  • Internal cleaning of the soil by mixing its salty crust to a 20 cm depth, alleviating

the degree of salinity.

  • Remove all rotting residues inside the soil.
  • Removal of organic and consumables waste and stones from the soil to a 30 cm


  • Displaying the sandy layer of the beaches and reviving the soil in the cities.

Equipment Maintenance

To meet the needs of our customers and to save their time, a special section was established.

for equipment maintenance, repair of diesel pumps and sprays for both regular

and electrical equipment, generators of various sizes, and generator winding. Electricity

maintenance for starter switch-based equipment and charger is also offered, all by a

highly specialized technical team.

Maintenance Of firefighting equipment

To ensure all equipment, the corporation provides maintenance and operation service for firefighting water

pumping equipment that works with fuel or electricity and controls panels for factories,

companies, offices, commercial complexes, and warehouses.

works effectively, to increase its life span, and to avoid faults and the economic

losses they cause to the production process of the facilities, through a staff A

highly qualified specialist technician, and our services include the following:

• Operating and repairing all firefighting equipment and different fire systems.

• Finalizing annual periodic maintenance contracts.

• Conducting periodic field visits by the company’s specialists and submitting periodic

reports at a rate of four times per year or according to the client’s need.

• Training facility personnel to operate and use firefighting systems and alarms

and train them on conducting proper inspections of the fire systems.

• Provide technical advice related to safety, prevention, and protection from fire

Our Goals

Since the first day of the establishment of this organization, we introduced the overall objective of our organization which is to be among the best institutions and companies. operating in the Kingdom of Saudi in this field, and to be a national model that is emulated. in the provision and development of environmental services, and to protect current. and future generations from the harms of environmental pollution. A set of the following sub-goals stem from the overall objective of the organization:

Provide the best services at reasonable prices for all customer segments in the society

Dedicate all the capabilities and resources of the organization to best serve its customers

Establish strong relationships based on mutual trust between the organization and its clients.

Maintain the highest degree of customer satisfaction and ensure the continuity of the relationships. with them.